main floor - 6AM

main floor - 6AM


Mixcloud’s caught up with our century and got a ‘repost’ feature. To celebrate this, I’ve reposted all my mixes existing on their platform, so most of them are available now under one banner. Enjoy. 

Lower Order Ethics – Recorded at Liber Null VII (19 plays)

1. Prurient - Dying From The Wound (Hospital Productions)

2. Trepaneringsritualen - Judas Goat (Fang Bomb)

3. Lussuria - Queen of Swords Reversed (Hospital Productions)

4. Samuel Kerridge - Disgust (Downwards)

5. Ontal - Combat Engineering (Tomohiko Remix) (Overdraw)

6. Stave - Break (Trensmat)

7. Perc - Take Your Body Off (Perc Trax)

8. Bolder - Passive Agressive (Editions Mego)

9. Modeo - Black Fawn (Sonntag Morgen)

10. Unperson - UUUPPP (Perx Remix) (Raw Waxes)

11. Southern Italian Music Track 13

12. Oxcure - Burning Faith (Frozen Border)

13. Oxcure - Dangerous Practice (Frozen Border)

14. D.A.R.F.D.H.S. - Johan Grijs (Clan Destine)

15. ASSS - Halt Sex Mi (Haunted Air)

16. Oxcure - Repulse (Frozen Border)

17. Eric Holm - Stave (Subtext Recordings)

18. Trepaneringsritualen  - Den Fallne Dómaldrs Lik (Merzbild)

19. Muslimgauze - Arc of a Dome (Staalplaat)

20. DZ Lectric & Anton Shield - Ko Be Tir (Minimal Wave)

21. Isengrind - To Ride With Hölle (Ba Da Bing)

22. Form A Log - In The Streets (Another Dark Age)

23. Victim - ADA001 A2 (Another Dark Age)

24. Southern Italian Music Track 3

25. Southern Italian Music Track 10

26. Lustmord - Zoetrope Trailer (Nextera)

27. Ekoplekz - Sea90 (Planet Mu)

28. Dalhous - Sight of Hirta (Blackest Ever Black)

29. HTRK - Eat Your Heart (Ghostly International)

30. Vatican Shadow - Operation Neptune Spear Pt. 3 (Hospital Productions)

31. Cut Hands - Eat Them Like Bread (Downwards)

32. Stave - Anon (Trensmat)

33. Prurient - Cocaine Death (Hospital Productions)


LiberNull VII




Tonight ANFS and I will tear a new one to Svoura in Nicosia. 

Probably goign to end up playing a doom metal b2b set.

plug european electronic music conference

plug european electronic music conference

See you cubs at Uganda Tel-Aviv tomorrow from 10PM until late. I’ll play some noise.

Psyched to play with GEN.HECTIC of metaphysik!



Psyched to play with GEN.HECTIC of metaphysik!